Lathe Machine, Sheet Metal Drilling, Milling, Grinding & Cutting Machines, Woodworking Machines, Rice Mill & Automobile Garage Machinery, Presses, CNC Machines by Machine Tools Manufacturer in India, Hipat.
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    Dealership of JAYPEE Brand Construction Equipment…    |     Our company serving your machine tools needs here in ORISSA is one of its type with the availability of all mechanical machinery under one
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    Extra Heavy Duty Lathe Machine  
    Heavy Duty Lathe Machine  
    High Precision Lathe Machine  
    Medium Duty Lathe Machine  
    Light Duty Precision Lathe Machine  
    Capstan lathes Machine  
    Heavy duty All Geared Lathe Machine  
    All Geared Lathe Machine  
    Hydraulic Hacksaw Machine  
    Bandsaw Machine  
    All Geared Radial Drilling Machines  
    Radial Drilling Machine  
    Universal Milling Machine  
    Pillar Type Power Press Machine('H' TYPE)  
    Inclinable Type Power Press Machine('C' TYPE)  
    Hydraulic Press Machine  
    Hydraulic Press Brake Machine  
    Mechanical Press Brake Machine  
    Shaping Machine  
    Planing Machine  
    Slotting Machine  
    Automatic Fastner To Wire Industry Machinery  
    Surface Grinding Machine  
    One Stop Solution for all your Machinery Needs