Lathe Machine, Sheet Metal Drilling, Milling, Grinding & Cutting Machines, Woodworking Machines, Rice Mill & Automobile Garage Machinery, Presses, CNC Machines by Machine Tools Manufacturer in India, Hipat.
HIPAT Machine Tools
An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
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Lathe Machine
Extra Heavy Duty Lathe Machine
Heavy Duty Lathe Machine
High Precision Lathe Machine
Medium Duty Lathe Machine
Light Duty Precision Lathe Machine
Capstan Lathe Machine
All Geared Lathe Machine
Heavy Duty All Geared Lathe Machine
Cutting Machine
Hydraulic Hacksaw Machine
Bandsaw Machine
Hand Shears and Rod Cutters
Drilling Machine
All Geared Radial Drilling Machines
Radial Drilling Machine
Precision Bench Drill Machine
Pillar Drill Machine
Drilling Cum Milling Machine
Tapping Machine
Milling Machine
All Geared Milling Machine
Universal Milling Machine
Ram Turret Milling Machine
Vertical Milling Machine
Pillar Type Power Press Machine('H' TYPE)
Inclinable Type Power Press Machine('C' TYPE)
Hydraulic Press Machine
Fly Press
Sheet Metal Machinery
Hydraulic Press Brake Machine
Mechanical Press Brake Machine
Hydraulic Shearing Machine
Under Crank Shearing Machine
Plate Bending Machine (Mechanical)
Section Bending Machine
Hydraulic Iron Worker
Over Crank Shearing Machine
Nibbling Machine
Workshop Equipments
Shaping Machine
Planing Machine
Slotting Machine
Universal Gear Hobing Machine
Vertical Turning Lathe
Horizontal Boring Machine
Automatic Fastener
Automatic Fastener To Wire Industry Machinery
Food Processing
Paddy Husker
Paddy Separator
Paddy Pre-Cleaner
Rice Whitener
Bran Centrifugal Dressing Machine
Grinding Machine
Surface Grinding Machine
Centreless Grinders
Tool & Cutter Grinder
Cylindrical Grinder
Pedestal Grinder
Automobile Garage
Crank shaft Regrinder
Head Surface Grinder
Vertical Honing Machine
Vertical Boring Machine
Horizontal Line Boring Machine
Hydraulic Press
Fuel Test Bench
Valve Refacer
Connecting Rod Boring Machine
Cylinder Boring Machine
CNC Machine
CNC Plasma
CNC Lathe Machine
CNC Milling Machine
Welding Equipments
Mig/Mag Welding Machine
Welding Positioner
Arc Welding Sets
D.C Welding Sets
Projection Welding Machines
Spot Welding Machines
Metal Gathering Machines
Tig Welding Machines
DC Tig Welding Machines
Submerged Arc Welding Machines
Pneumatic Welding Machines
Inverter / Tig 220 AMP
Inverter Mig 250/400/600
Construction Equipment
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Dealership of JAYPEE Brand Construction Equipment…    |     Our company serving your machine tools needs here in ORISSA is one of its type with the availability of all mechanical machinery under one
About Us
Hipat Registered Office   Head Office
As the proverb goes that “one can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow” so with the changing time’s and as per the need of the customers ,we take this Opportunity to introduce our company HIPAT MACHINE TOOLS ,to serve your Machinery needs and to provide top notch service with our new and innovative business polices, customer satisfaction being our prime Moto. With humble pride we state that our company serving your machine tools needs here in ORISSA is one of its type with the availability of all mechanical machinery under one roof, which till now was lacking here in this state with tremendous potential.

Our Machine’s Range consists of the following-

Lathe Machine, Shaping Machine. Radial Drill Machine, Milling Machine, Slotting Machine, Gear Hobbing Machine, Planing Machine, Boring Machines, Metal Cutting Bandsaw Machine, Surface Grinding Machine

Shearing Machine, Press Brake Machine, Power Press Machine, Iron Worker Machine

Crankshaft Re-Grinder Machine, Cylinder Boring Machine, Engine Head Surface Grinder Machine and Hydraulic Press Machine.

Vertical and Horizontal Band Saw Machine, Six in one Wood Working machine, Thickness Planer, Wood Turning Lathe’s ,Router Machine.

Nut & Bolt Manufacturing Machines, Wood Screw Plant, Wire Nail Making Machine. Please refer to the brochure sent along with this letter. Now we look forward to receive your valued enquiry which will be attended promptly, kindly give us the opportunity to serve you

Manufacturing Unit   Hipat Showroom
One Stop Solution for all your Machinery Needs